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A myth that someone sold their soul for something in return and more.

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  • new page Gods in war
    created by Zombie Hunter Warrior
    New page: Over the years, it has been said that Gods have had wars/fights against one and another.
    Summary: Thats all I got so far
  • new page User blog:Dante Inferno/Will there be a hero
    posted by Dante Inferno
    New blog: I think I could be if I wanted to be but something tells me no one that I know of should live.
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts
  • new page Angel of Death
    created by Dante Inferno
    New page: In Greek mythology, Thanatos (Greek: Θάνατος (Thánatos), "Death,"[1] from θνῄσκω -thnēskō, "to die, be dying"[2]) was the daemon personification of...
  • new page Four Horsemen
    created by Dante Inferno
    New page: This article is about the concept in the Christian Bible. For pop culture uses, see Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse in popular culture. For other...
    Summary: Revaltion
  • new page Satan
    created by Dante Inferno
    New page: s article is about the concept of Satan. For the concept of "devil", see Devil. For other uses, see Satan (disambiguation). [1] Satan (Hebrew:...
    Summary: Satan 411
  • new page Jesus
    created by Dante Inferno
    New page: This article is about Jesus of Nazareth. For other uses, see Jesus (disambiguation). Jesus [1] Jesus as Good Shepherd (stained glass at St...
    Summary: Please edit
  • new page God
    created by Dante Inferno
    New page: God Detail of Sistine Chapel fresco Creation of the Sun and Moon by Michelangelo (c. 1512), a well known example of the depiction of God the...
    Summary: Truth about God
  • edit The Other world Wiki
    edited by Dante Inferno diff

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